Let Us Spot You. Protect your gym by minimizing claims against your fitness center and personal trainers.

Our Health Club and Fitness Club Insurance

Sentry Safety Shield

Protect My Gym Safety Shield protection plan is the first line of defense against potential claims, negligent staff, trainers, group instructors, floor hazards and much more. We will conduct a complete 6-hour examination of your facility complete with a comprehensive report and a Protection Readiness plan that helps reduce your risk and minimize your liability. We are not agents or brokers – we are the insurance to shield a claim.

30+ Years Experience

With over 30-years in the trenches, we know first-hand were liability hides and how to minimize it. Your Health Club Insurance provider doesn’t know what we know.

Comprehensive Reports

We will provide you with a complete step-by-step and comprehensive report, and a Protection Readiness Plan.

Employee Education

We provide a full-service orientation / workshop for your entire staff on-site at your location (CT, NY, MA) Call for other locations. 203-675-5575 (small additional fee)

Health Club Fitness Insurance Claim Representation

We have direct contact with your Health Club insurance agent-provider to provide them with a Safety Shield Certificate. We will FIGHT to get you a reduction! Or 50% money back!

Certificates of Compliance

We provide your Health fitness insurance provider with a detailed Certificate listing all the steps you have taken to avoid claims.

Expert Witness

Under the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine, we represent your gym, sports facility, or fitness center during a claim as an Expert Witness in fitness, working with your attorney. Protecting and lessening your claim.

What others are saying about ProtectMyGym.com

ProtectMyGym.com came to my facility and spent about 6.5 hours going through my gym with a fine-tooth comb. PMG personally came and checked everything from the quality of the machines, spacing, changing areas, walkways, signage, exits, personal trainers programming, forms, to name a few. Afterwards, PMG sent me a perfectly comprehensive report and helped me minimize any liability I had in the event of a claim or accident. The report was simple to read, and implement. I highly recommend ProtectMyGym.com It raised the bar in reputation, and my insurance company lowered my premium!